Broseph by Joseph Teaser

Studio One Zero 3 is proud to present the work of Joseph Silvas curated by Jason Popguy Ibarra. “Broseph by Joseph” will present Silva’s unique video installation and self-portraits. The exhibition will run from March 3 to March 25, 2017, with an opening reception First Friday, March 3, from 6 -11pm.

“Each portrait and action happening to my face does not accurately describe me. However, each obsession combined represent a different part that friends and family would associate with Broseph.”

Production crew: Victor Aguilar, Ashley Calderon, Christopher Calderon, Steven Granados, Olivia Flores, and Natalia Rodriguez. Shot and edited by Gorillaman Productions


RPPB Zine is a collection of portrait photos by Joseph Silvas taken in San Antonio, Texas. All photos are shot in red, pink, purple, and blue lighting. RPPB Vol. 1 coming soon.

Check out and follow my new photo blog that will soon be a zine.